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The NGEH focuses of breeding for health and temperament. The look is secondary. Of course, the dog must fulfill the requirements of the FCI Eurasier Standard 291 but the NGEH deliberately avoids the concentration on champion breeding and tries to keep the gene pool rather large. A bigger gene pool improves the health and the versatility of the breed. A low inbreeding coefficient is guaranteed and international cooperation is inevitable.


The matings are carefully planned in cooperation between breeders and NGEH representatives who are very experienced in using the database. It must be avoided that the same health problems occur on both, the sire and dam‘s side. Therefore we are depending on as much information as possible.


As an Associate Member of the IFEZ (International Federation for Eurasier Breeding) we have access to the IFEZ Database which means access to the health data of 23.000 Eurasiers (as of 2013).


But we also want to take temperament and phenotypical characteristics into consideration for a breeding. We have started to collect those data in the „Dog Data“ collection of the NGEH. Members of the NGEH who provide us with the information of their own dogs (à Health and Properties form and further information) will receive access to this database.


To facilitate the collection of such data, the NGEH would like to offer meetings over time where Eurasier owners can receive evaluations of their dogs concerning health, looks and temperament as it is done in many other countries in Europe (breeding assessment).


For a good prediction concerning the offspring of a mating and to determine the breeding value of the parents respectively, it is very important to receive information of as much offspring of each breeding pair. It does not play a role if the offspring will be used for breeding or not. Every individual dog is important ( à Health Check).


The HGEH breeders would like to avoid that the Eurasier becomes a fashion breed. The puppy buyers are being informed in detail about the special characteristics of the breed (à History of the Eurasier) and will be educated to handle the dogs correctly. The puppies will be prepared well for their later life with the new owner as socialization already starts at the breeder’s home. The puppies are exclusively raised within the family and not in kennels, sheds or even in cages. The puppy should be able to spend his whole life with the new owners. The NGEH breeders all feel a life-long responsibility for their puppies and will always assist their owners in any capacity.


Our Eurasiers are not being bred without planning and sold to just anybody to earn money. The breeders within the NGEH are hobby breeders and breed for the love of the breed.



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