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On these pages you can read more about the Eurasier, Breed Classification, History and Health issues as well as about international organisation of eurasierbreeding.

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The Eurasier


Julius Wipfel defined his initial breeding goal as follows:


„It should be a nordic dog, with nice, attractive colors and an appealing temperament which easily adapts to our environment.“ (-> History)


Indeed, the Eurasier is a very adaptable dog as long as he can stay close to his family. He is sensitive and the attachment to his family is strongly developed. He may therefore not be kept outside on a chain or in a kennel. He is intelligent, confident, calm and even-tempered. At the same time, he is attentive and protective - and a staunch guard of house, farm and family without being a barker. His hunting instinct is not excessive.


He is desinterested and sometimes aloof with strangers. He can be easily trained but will always retain his individual personality. In most situations his behavior is guided by his well-developed healthy instinct and his extraordinary intuition for the moods of his humans


He will only develop these wonderful character traits if he continually lives in close contact with his family, within the house, and through understanding, loving and consistent training.


The Eurasier developed from three initial breeds: the Wolfspitz, the Chow Chow and the Samoyed. He is a medium size, spitz-type dog, available in a variety of colors: from red to cream, wolf-colored, wolf-grey, black and black with markings. The length of his coat just about allows to see his body structure. The dense coat does not require intensive care. The body is slightly longer than high and the tail is carried rolled up over the back.


Weights and Heights:


Males: 52-60cm Females: 48-56cm


22-30kg 18-26kg


A Eurasier breeder should always aim for the average height and weight.


Detailed information can be found under the -> FCI Eurasier Standard 291




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