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Breeding of healthy, typical Eurasiers according to the FCI Breed Standard No 291 and, wherever possible, following the specifications of IFEZ International Federation of Eurasier breeding/ World Union for Eurasiers FCI).

General recommandations

General recommandations of the NGEH

Recommendations for breeding

Guideline for breeders

General recommandations


A. Aims


  1. Support and promotion of breeders and owners of Eurasiers, belonging to a club recognized by or cooperating with the FCI, and who are strongly working towards following the ideals/aims of the Nordic Group for Eurasier Health (NGEH and thus IFEZ) and who support its organization (see C)
  2. First and foremost the Rules of the FCI/ FCI-recognized club or the FCI cooperating umbrella organization have to be followed; the NGEH’s Recommendations are supplementary.
  3. The NGEH is a federation of breeders and owners of Eurasiers, who want to work together and who communicate in an open, honest and direct way as a matter of course .
  4. NGEH will involve breeders in any breeding-specific decisions to a large degree.
  5. Eurasiers of friends of NGEH are considered members of the family and are living in the house in close contact with their family.
  6. NGEH seeks IFEZ membership by fulfilling their minimum criteria regarding breeding of Eurasiers by its friends. It would like to offer its interested friends the possibility of IFEZ certification for their litters (sample of certificate in the appendix).


B. Methods of Operation


  1. Every 6 month, breeders try to catch up on any health developments and health results of their puppies, and send the information to their representatives.
  2. As soon as a breeder has the pedigrees/registration numbers of their puppies, they will send them to their NGEH representative or directly to the Principal Representative (in this case s/he they will pass the information onto the relevant country’s representative/s).
  3. Friends submit significant change in the health of their own dogs immediately by contacting their breeder or the relevant representative/s
  4. NGEH collects all information and makes it accessible to all NGEH friends.
  5. NGEH supplies a form, which makes it easier for breeders to supply the required information


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