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About NGEH

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About NGEH


Because of many rumors we would like to send you informations about the "Nordic Group for Eurasier Health" ( NGEH ) first-hand:


The NGEH is not a club, it`s only a group of and for eurasier breeders and owners. We don`t want to compete the eurasierclubs. All members in the NGEH have to be in additional in a FCI-club and the rules of the FCI-umbrella organisations have to be followed. NGEH is to see as an addition for people, who want to follow more strict rules regarding breeding, health, exterior and behaviour than the national clubs can require. Its breeding matches obviously the FCI-Eurasierstandard 291.

The group is supported by people with many experience in the international eurasierbreeding within the IFEZ ,

the international umbrella organisation for eurasier ( FCI World Union of the Eurasiers / Internationale Föderation für Eurasierzucht ).


The aim of the NGEH is to improve understanding for the eurasier and offer the possibility to get IFEZ certification for eurasier breeders.

The NGEH is interested in a good cooperation with the national clubs and wants to have an open communication.






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