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This homepage is not longer activ. The NGEH is not activ temporarily in order to protect our members. The NKK ( =Norwegian Kennel Club, NKC ) has expelled 2 activ members for 2 years because of their activity in a competing club ( so the NGEH is called from the NKK and SKK).

In our opinion this was a very aggressiv and meaningless action.

We are not allowed to help the breeders any more in the name of responsible international eurasier breeding.

An information about this act of NKK has been sent to the FCI .

On the IFEZ meeting in october in Finland , the eurasier breeding clubs will search a solution for the international help and teamwork for international responsible eurasier breeding based on the immeasurable knowledge about the eurasier breeding within the IFEZ.


Informations about the NGEH


The Nordic Group for Eurasier Health (NGEH) was founded in February 2013 by people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It was decided to use English as the official language, to also give access to people who do not speak any of the Nordic languages.

The aim of the NGEH is to unite Eurasier owners and breeders in a group, who’s main aim is to do justice to the special breed of the Eurasier (- History).

This includes the maintenance of the Eurasier, as the family companion dog it was originally intended to be, as well as breeding.

The latter should give priority to physical health as well as sound temperament in preference to ‘beauty’.

 During its foundation in Germany in 1960 by Julius Wipfel, many people, including very well known personalities such as the behavioural scientist and Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz and the wolf researcher Eric Ziemen, showed a great interest in the breed, worked in an advisory role, and even owned the breed.

 From the very beginning, people have put their heart and soul into the development of this special breed. To maintain the Eurasier as it was originally intended, considerable educational effort and collaboration is required.

NGEH sets out to realise these aims





Our website is updated continuously, we like to thank Brigitte Mordan-Grimm, Ute Jane Molush, Patricia Arnold-Pluth and Victoria Schmidt helping us with the translations.

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